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What is ASN?

The Artetra-Syndicate Network (ASN) is a platform that allows me to rant in a masturbatory manner about a theoretical framework for replacing capitalism and corporatism with a more sustainable and progressive approach to furthering the goals of mankind.

Now that that’s squared away, let’s break down the acronym further!


What does Artetra mean?

Doesn’t mean anything. It’s a palindrome and the closest thing this blog has to a identifying symbol, or ‘brand name’ if you will. ‘Tetra’ is a common Greek prefix for the number four, which is a number with a lot of mystical significance in many cultures. Tetra is also a type of fish. Ultimately, Artetra sounds kinda Cyberpunky, so I went with it.


Alright, so what’s a Syndicate?


“a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific duty or carry out specific transactions or negotiations”

The word also has some connotations to organized crime in localized areas. Given the cyberpunk aesthetic of this site, it’s also worth mentioning that Syndicate is a series of games that centers around the idea of corporations becoming so powerful that they operate above the law and commit crimes openly and blatantly. While this is definitely one of the major inspirations, I have co-opted the word in a sort of ironic manner to depict groups that act in a manner counter to how modern corporations actually act.

This site is still in its infant stages, so the core philosophies aren’t fully decided on and is very much a work in progress. The short of it though is that Syndicates would be a type of goal-oriented organization that people can form where the inherent structure of it prioritizes effectiveness and sustainability over profit and exploitation.


And there’s a Network of these?

That’s the idea. The internet already has thousands of options to choose from when it comes to organizing and collaborating in groups. The power of a Network though would allow a framework that could insulate its own economy. How exactly this works is far beyond the scope of this about page, but is certainly what I aim to describe in full detail later on.


So… why Cyberpunk?

The most obvious reason is because it’s basically *the* genre that paints corporations in a bad light. Plus it’s an interesting style choice that there’s not enough of. Also, Cyberpunk is Dead, so I can reanimate it to look anyway I want it to. I’m kind of fascinated by what a ‘Post-Modern Cyberpunk’ would even look like, so it gives me a lot of room for creative leeway. I also find it to be one of those firmly ‘tongue-in-cheek’ aesthetics, which I feel is important so I don’t feel like I’m ever taking myself too seriously.