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Concerning the current hiatus

So it’s been about four months since the last news update. I haven’t died, I swear, but a lot has happened in those four months, and unfortunately I’m still going to be busy for a few more months to come. In short, I bought a condo and have two jobs right now. My free time is basically nonexistent, but I’m working as hard as I can in order to be able to basically get my free time back.

Without getting into the nitty gritty and frankly boring details, I’m basically going to too busy to update this site in the near future. While I should have considerably more free time around October/November, I’m going to say that this site will be re-launched in a more official capacity in February 2019. That should give me sufficient time to give the site a complete makeover, polish it, and develop a schedule that will work better with the podcast. Plus I’ll probably have a lot of nicer equipment by then too, so everything should be a bit more professional.

That said, I’m not abandoning the site completely until then. I’ll do my best to make updates, write articles, and possibly post some filler podcasts in in the meantime, but it’s difficult to say when I’ll have free time so it’ll be very sporadic for now. I do have some content in mind I want to integrate into the site that’s separate from the articles and podcasts too, but it might take awhile to fully develop. Which basically means that this site will be kind of a testing ground for awhile, so don’t expect any polish for awhile.

So… yeah. This site is now officially in construction mode! Feel free to stop by periodically to see what kind of state of chaotic mess it might be in at any given time!

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