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Posts published in January 2018

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Content Production Mode Engaged

As you might have noticed, this site now has a little Soundcloud player embedded up top. That’s pretty neat. Upon further inspection, you might notice that it’s pretty bare-bones. It doesn’t allow you to scroll through tracks, you can’t change song position, you can’t change volume, you can’t bring up track info or open up the Soundcloud page, and there’s no waveform slider. These are all temporarily disabled until I code the proper functionality through the site so that I…

New Site, New Layout

Alright, so this domain’s been through a lot these past couple weeks. I migrated from Blogger to WordPress, bought a web hosting space, switched from a Spotify playlist to a Soundcloud playlist, learned a bit about the Soundcloud API, made a background image, and completely re-hauled the look and feel of the site. As of the time of this writing, the site is still far from finished in any sense. The scheme is still a bit ugly and is gonna…